Expected Outcome: 

The Student is expected to have 

 Understanding of OOP concepts and basics of Java Programming (Console and GUI-based). 

 The skills to apply OOP and Java programming in Problem solving. 

 Should have the ability to extend his/her knowledge of Java programming further on his/her own. Recommended System/Software 

Requirements : 

  Software: j2sdk1.7 or higher version 

  Eclipse/Netbeans IDE or Any Editor Operating System: Windows / Linux

Course Objectives:

Ø  Covers software design, implementation, and testing using Java. Introduces object-oriented design techniques and problem solving.

Ø  Emphasizes development of secure, well-designed software projects that solve practical real-world problems

Ø  To understand Object-oriented programming concepts, and apply them in Problem solving.

Ø  To learn the basics of Java Console and GUI based programming


Course Outcomes:


On completion of the course the student should be able to:

Ø  Use an integrated development environment to write, compile, run, and test simple object-oriented Java programs.

Ø  Read and make elementary modifications to Java programs that solve real-world problems.

Ø  Validate input in a Java program.

Ø  Identify and fix defects and common security issues in code.

Ø  Document a Java program using Javadoc.

Ø  Use a version control system to track source code in a project.


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